21 August, 2009

My Free Spirit 10 speed

My Free Spirit 10 speed. Free Spirit was a name applied to bikes sold by Sears. Despite being a "department store" bicycle, it's really quite a good bike. The frame is every bit as good as a Raleigh; all steel, lugged, and brazed. The wheels don't have the ridge that Raleigh wheels have, but they've stood the test of time. The brakes are better than Raleigh, or every bit as good. This bike has 10 gears with front and rear derailers. It also has the classic 3 speed tire - 26x1 and 3/8. Thats because these bikes were made as 3 speeds until the 10 speed craze, then they simply dropped the 3 speed hub and replaced it with the 10 speed set-up. If you can find a 3 speed it will likely have a shimano rear hub. You can still pick these bikes up cheap, and they are really good value. Don't tell anyone.

Mine is rusty and has seen better days, but it still works, and is one of the most reliable bikes I have.

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